Montenegrin men and women are proud on their origin and bravery of their ancestors. The sentence of our renowned writer Marko Miljanov Popovic is famous, which reads:
“Bravery is to defend yourself from another, and the humanity is to defend the other from yourself”. In the warrior and rocky land, the great poets, philosophers and artists were born. Montenegro develops steadily, and it has a great number of distinguished lawyers, economists, engineers, doctors and scientists from all fields.
The Montenegrin people are known for their hospitality, especially towards the foreigners. Their hospitality is sincere and each guest in the family is protected as the family member. The cheek, honour and honesty are for each inhabitant of Montenegro in the first place in defence of his personality and honour of his family. In his distinguishing, the bravery, heroism and wisdom are the major quality features of individuals. The knowledge may be joined to his as a particular value of particular person. Here is how Ljubomir Nenadovic described the visit of Njegos to Rome, who, in order to preserve the dignity of the Montenegrin people, refused to kiss the chains of Saint Peter: “In the Church of Saint Peter in Rome, as a special relic is kept the chain, by which the Saint Peter was tied in prison in Jerusalem… and is placed in a box, which is always under key. The monk, when displaying it to noble passengers, opens it with great respect the box, takes out the chain from the cotton, and with a special devotion and tranquillity, brings it to the pilgrims to kiss it kneeling with crossed arms. When the monks had brought these chains to the Bishop Njegos, the bishop took them immediately into his hands, stretched them to se how long they were, and wondering how long they are, said:
“Would not your Highness kiss them!”. The Bishop, leaving, responded to him: “The Montenegrins do not kiss the chains”. The popular art has been developed in Montenegro since long. It represents one of the most interesting ethnographic regions of Europe. In the last years, the work of non-professional societies is encouraged due to the importance of cultivating the folklore. Montenegrins like funny stories and jokes, especially on the account of government. They are very gifted for literature. You will not find anywhere in the world more writers with respect to the number of inhabitants as you will find in Montenegro.